We have provided some instructions below to help you with using our service.
  • Simply click on a test of your choice and the test player will launch
  • The first page will provide you with some instructions about the test. Once you are ready please press the ‘next’ button and the test will begin.
  • Once you have completed the test, you will automatically receive a report.
Interpreting the report
  • The first part of the report tells you how well you have done compared to others. This is a normed score and given in percentiles. The report is self-explanatory.
  • The next section provides an overview of the questions you attempted, and which ones you answer correctly or incorrectly.
  • You can click on any answers you got incorrect to reveal the question, step-by-step solution, and answer.
  • Other information about the type of items you are performing well on, or struggling with, are provided. E.g. it may be you have a strength in percentage-based items, but struggle with items that involve charts. This can help you focus your preparation. Accuracy and Speed of completing the test is also considered and guidance provided.
  • Finally, tips on doing your best on the day are given.
Monitoring your progress
  • You can click on ‘view progress’ on the Home page and see how well you are doing across the many tests you have taken.

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