SHL Tests

SHL is an Occupational Psychology based consultancy specialising in assessment for organisations. The consultants and psychologists in these consultancies are responsible for producing solutions that organisations use to help with selection and development within an organisation. These include developing Psychometric tests and questionnaires (ability, personality), Competency frameworks, Interview scripts, Assessment centre material, Development tools, and much more including the delivery of training courses.

SHL has become renowned as a leading test publisher and is responsible for providing Psychometric tests to thousands of organisations globally. They are famous for their personality assessment OPQ (see section on ‘OPQ’) and their ability tests primarily Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests (see sections on ‘Numerical’ and ‘Verbal’ Reasoning tests).

For more information, see the various sections on SHL tests under the ‘Employer Tests’ tab or click on the 'Forum' tab above and see what previous users of these tests are saying.

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