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Our consultants have the expertise you would expect from leading Assessment Specialists. With years of experience working with large organisations designing, developing and running assessment centres, our consultants have the answers to the questions you may have about your job application. We have developed Psychometric Tests and trained many organisation-based assessors using the substantial experience we have in graduate assessment. Many find the consultancy services that we offer to be invaluable. If you have specific questions that need to be addressed by experts, or whether you would like a further discussion on the results of your tests, then this service is for you. We are able to give you the insight you may want when it comes to assessment centres.

Queries for our Consultants

Due to an increasing demand and a huge influx of specialist queries, we are unable to respond to you through our general contact us section. We have launched this section of the site to accommodate your queries. Consultants are very busy and their time is in huge demand. As such consultants from a variety of fields often charge expensive daily rates. Although, we offer very competitive rates for our consultancy service, we recommend that you do not use this service until you have exhausted all other options as we are unable to offer this service free-of-charge.The information provided on this site should give you ample information around Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centres. You may also wish to have a look at the FAQs section prior to considering whether to use our consultancy services. Consultants offer very specialist advice in the field of assessment for work, and can respond to any technical questions you may have, which we are unable to deal with under the contact us section. If after reviewing the information on our site and our FAQs you still wish to contact our consultants, then please contact us using enquiry@graduatesfirst.com putting 'consultant' as the subject and outlining your question. We will then respond confirming the cost, if any, associated with this.This service is only available to individuals seeking jobs, and excludes any commercial parties.

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