Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning Tests are designed to identify an individual's level of ability to understand and respond to questions about information provided in a passage of text. A test taker is advised to read a given passage of text and then consider the questions which are presented as statements corresponding to the passage. They are then required to decide whether the statement given is true, false, or whether he or she cannot say, given the information contained in the passage.

A challenge of the verbal reasoning test is adhering solely to the information provided in the passage without using information that you are already familiar with in actual life. However, the instructions provided at the beginning of these assessments make it clear that all answers should be determined soley using the information that is given in the passage of text.

Research indicates this type of test could be challenging for individuals for whom English is not their first language. However, this adverse impact is controlled by the use of low cut-offs - see section on 'Psychometrics' for more information. This ensures that no one is disadvantaged from the use of this type of assessment.

How to Pass a Verbal Reasoning Test

Firstly, ensure you are familiar with what is expected from the assessment. Read other content on this site and then move on to reading more complex information such as scientific or journal papers. This will get your mind thinking in the correct way. The next steps will be to get as much practise in as possible so that you can familiarise yourself with what the day will be like. This way you will be relaxed when taking the assessment and more focussed on doing a good job.

Whilst it is argued that practising may not actually improve one's aptitude or ability, it is however an accepted fact that a lack of familiarity with tests will hinder your performance in an assessment. Practising helps to remove errors due to other interfering factors, and test takers who have practised have a better chance of demonstrating their fullest potential, than those who have not.

SHL are the leaders in the design and development of Psychometric assessments worldwide and set the benchmark accordingly. Whilst many online companies who provide online tests for practise claim to offer 'SHL style' tests, they are often far from the real thing. The tests available online at Graduates First have been designed by the same experts who have previously developed tests for SHL. We are confident that you will not get another SHL style experience anywhere else other than at SHL itself.

The majority of sites providing practice tests do not provide Normed scoring. Graduates First provide the most detailed feedback reports available online with a breakdown of your performance across various question types to help you identify which areas you may need to develop further. Our reports also provide data backed indications of your performance, based upon your accuracy and speed strategy as well as recommendations on how to improve and perform your best on the day. You can store and access your reports online, anytime and track your performance as you improve.

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