Spelling Tests

These tests are normally used in non-graduate settings as the difficulty of the test is too low for graduates and professionals. Supervisory jobs, or work that requires clerical or administrative duties prove to be an ideal population for this type of test.

Spelling tests are simply a number of questions which are presented in the form of a sentence, with a single word missing. The test taker is required to choose the correctly spelt word from the options provided, which should replace the incorrectly spelt word in the sentence - so that the sentence reads correctly.

Scoring involves the simple addition of the items that the test taker gets correct, however it is important to note that the test taker may be penalised for any items he or she gets wrong. This is a test of spelling, and getting a question wrong indicates a strength in the opposite direction of what an employer may be looking for. This penalty takes the form of negative marking.

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